Google Finance Website Revamped

Google has changed its finance news and charting website, Google Finance.

Google Finance Screenshot

The new layout much cleaner and presentable as the page is divided into three columns. Recent quotes, stored using browser cookies, has been moved from the top right corner to the lower left corner. General news and corporate news of the recent quotes are featured in the center column. Most links on the page will bring you to a different page, except the top movers on the lower right.

However, the individual stock pages have not changed. :|

Overall looks pretty, but I have a few suggestions:

  • Dynamically refresh each section using individual settings (they do change now, which is really cool)
  • Display summary or beginning of news articles when mouseover links
  • Background colour-code recent quotes with their related news
  • Include stock historical prices and options

Maybe I should feedback these pointers to the Google Finance team? Although the traffic to this site is a fraction of that to Yahoo! Finance, I’m staying here because there are no fancy advertisements (full of offers that hardly benefit most of us but only the advertiser).

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