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There has been a phenomenal growth in the number of Asian-style mid-end coffee houses sprouting all over Malaysia. If you have been trying all the various brands, there is a particular one that I personally tried that you should not miss! That is if you want to be utterly disappointed with the food quality and even worse the poorest customer service I’ve ever encountered in that area.

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Kimtal B - Advisory Warning
The one I want to highlight here is Kimtal B, located in Puchong IOI Boulevard (GPS coordinates 3°02’47.8″ N, 101°37’20.79″ E). IOI Boulevard is opposite IOI Mall in Puchong. This coffee house is located at one of the outer corners of the shopping and office block.

When I was ordering food for my family, rice for by boys and noodles for adults, I saw that there were two tables who had their orders taken at the same time. 15 minutes later, the only dish that arrived was a weird looking toast with half-boiled eggs in the middle. Meanwhile, the other tables already had half of their orders arriving, mostly noodle dishes. At that time I got the attention of the manager and asked him to check on the rice order. Minutes later, all the dishes for adults arrived, but the kitchen still cannot produce the chicken rice order.

I approached the kitchen window where the dishes were placed out and questioned the waitress what was holding up my order. As usual, the waitress and manager both said they were preparing my order and even gave the excuse that they placed the order wrongly. I said, “That’s not my problem. Anyway, how long should it take to prepare chicken rice? The noodle dishes can be done faster than chicken rice? Does that make sense?“.

When all my orders finally arrived, we found the curry noodles tasteless and with no significant meat ingredients. The focal dish of so-called chicken rice had chicken meat that my mother commonly refers to as “table cloth” meat and the rice had the weirdest taste that my boys described as “sour”. In my disbelief and total detest at this eatery, I gave the manager a few words of criticism and gave him money I told him both he and I know could have been spent much better in most other places in the vicinity.

Kimtal B, remember this name when you are looking for a new place to eat in Puchong. Warn your friends and family of the disgraceful customer service of Kimtal B. Do not go there for any reason, food, drinks or entertainment. It will be my first and last time I’ll ever dine at Kimtal B, and hope you will heed my advice.

My rating: 1 star for its interior design and ambiance (it was a very comfortable morning after a brief cold shower).

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4 thoughts on “Restaurant Review – Kimtal B”

  1. fully agree with you – customer service is really bad. i think it wont survive long.

    i had lamb chop which was ok. i like the cole slaw but the lamb is nothing to shout about. also tried the chow kueh teow which was good. the lemon grass chicken stick thing is horrible – so tough and coarse

    will not go back again thats for sure

  2. I agree with you that it won’t survive long. How can customers stand their attitude and quality of work especially at peak periods?

    We both know that our money wasn’t well spent on that kind of food and place.

  3. The main issue here is your fucking problem. You had such high expectation on a kopitiam like this knowing the fact that all this kopitiam has been mushrooming all over malaysia.

    Let me teach you la. Going to this type of food joint, just order a simple meal and drinks. If you want to have good dinner with family, please bring them elsewhere which you think will give you value for your money. This type of kopitiam you can fucking forget about having good customer service.

    You should not even go to the kitchen area to check on what people is doing. Let them carry out their job. If you not happy, just give them a piece of mind and leave the place. Don’t do things as if you own the restaurant. This is where you have gone wrong. When one person being too ego, people will not respect you as customer cos they expect you to sit down and wait for your food arrival and not act like their boss.

    The moral of the story, if you want fast food service go to McD or KFC. If you want to enjoy good food and service arrival on time go big restaurant since you argue the amount you pay can be spend elsewhere. Lastly don’t be so naive, the whole world does not revolves around you and nobody is owing you a living. Be real and don’t be a lamers.


  4. Hi ahpot

    Hey, thanks for your fucking feedback. Allow me to give my humble response.

    My expectation for this kopitiam is no less than any other eatery, be it a Ramli burger joint or a Japanese restaurant that needs booking 6 months in advance. If you are familiar with the F&B industry, like I have been and which you are fucking ignorant, you will realize that this is a common case of poor customer service. And if you have an actual job and get paid to do it, you should know that if the customer is not satisfied in any way, you will lose business and maybe your job.

    It doesn’t matter if I’m buying a meal at KFC or a RM5K 10-course dinner, making me wait for a simpler dish while the rest are already there is not acceptable anywhere. Since you probably have a pair of fucking glasses in front of that pair of fucking rat’s balls you call eyes, note that the dish in question is “chicken rice”. I’ve had S$25 chicken rice at the Mandarin Hotel Orchard which was prepared in shorter time than this outlet, which was 40% occupied at that time.

    If I own this restaurant, I won’t be just at the kitchen area checking on what people are (not “is”, go learn some English) doing. I’d be firing people. Go use that fucking piece of crap in your skull called brain: if we are not paying, do we deserve their respect? Don’t worry about it, I don’t expect you to be able to answer that. I’m “being too ego”, remember?

    Lastly, I am naive but Kimtal doesn’t owe me a living, they owed me a plate of chicken rice together with all the other dishes, on time and together and without staff talking back at me. Thanks for the advice, I’ll be real and not try to be lame.

    Now go back to your shit hole you call life where you just wasted a few minutes commenting on my blog.

    And that is your fucking problem. Your check’s waiting at IOI Boulevard.

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