Best Bang for Buck Drone with Camera – Micro Drone 3.0

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After moving on from semi-professional clunky digital SLR cameras to smartphone cameras and then to action cameras such as the GoPro Hero 3 Silver which I now own, the next evolution in consumer photography is no longer ground-based but rather over air autonomously.

I’ve been watching the development of flying drones with various functions such as photography closely. To me, the critical requirements for the drone market to mature and take off in the consumer world are:

  1. Ease of use – visual, WYSIWYG and commonly-available controls, reliable risk and recovery systems
  2. Flight time of more than 20 minutes – 10 minutes each way can establish a reach of 2KM to be practically useful
  3. Affordable and robustness in extending uses by means of module development, 3D printing and open sharing
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Micro Drone 3.0

The current clear winner to me is the Micro Drone 3.0. Although it does not yet fulfil the second requirement about, its strength is definitely in the third one. If the developer continues to openly and collaboratively develop and enhance the drone’s capabilities, this product’s market share will grow in epic proportions.

The stablization capability is impressive for such a small aircraft and yet it is able to carry various payloads, including a small active gimbal.

The crowdfunding for this product will end on 17 July 2015. Do check it out and support the product launch if this appeals to you.

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I’m being scammed for this robot vacuum which seemed to have ended early September. I wrote to mydeal customer service and they only replied with the standard shipping policy. They didn’t answer my question on what the closing date of the deal was, from which I can calculate 15 working days since I learnt maths some years back. This company has extremely poor customer service and I will not be spending any more money on them. All Malaysians are warned not to spend any money on Do not waste your time and money on any of the deals offered on

If you have similar experiences, please share them at:

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