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Child Abuse and Child Murder Cases

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Following on the topic of child abuse (see Lau Jun Wei), I found a website called “Parents Behaving Badly”, maintained by Jay Andrew Allen. Warning: if you are put off by reading numerous cases of babies and children hurt and killed by their parents and caretakers, carefully consider if you want to visit this site.

Most of the stories show us how foolish and irresponsible people can be when a young life is supposed to be cared for by them. The children are needlessly dragged into these people’s fights, disrespectful behaviour, or twisted mentalities. Parents leave their babies in cars. Crying babies are strangled. Kids are starved to death. Parents performing immoral acts with their children. Fathers taking his children’s and his own lives.

These people have no love for their children and do not deserve them. These people, known and unknown, must be punished and removed from society. We must not ignore their sad and sickening crimes, and be active in helping prevent future cases from happening.

This is a list of the most significant cases:

Most Mental Parent – Adoptive Mother Guilty of Striking Son, Letting Him Die

Most Violent Mom – Mom Convicted of Killing Baby by Bouncing Him off A Wall

Most Stupid Parent – Baby Drowns in Mom’s Vomit Bucket

Most Cold-Blooded Parent – Mom Teaches Teen Daughter The Basics of Burying Dead Babies

Most Negligent Parents – Two Toddlers Scalded to Death

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Suspects of Lau Jun Wei’s Death Charged With Homicide

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The Malaysian newspaper, New Straits Times, reported on Oct 19 that the mother of the late Lau Jun Wei and her boyfriend were charged in a Johor Baru court for culpable homicide.

Tan Chew YenTan Chew Yen

Lu Song SengLu Song Seng

The mother, known as Tan Chew Yen, and the boyfriend, known as Lu Song Seng, have been accused of physical and sexual abuse on Jun Wei and ultimately caused his death. If convicted, they can be sentenced to 20 years of jail each. Lu was granted bail, but Tan will be sent to a local hospital for psychiatric evaluation for a month.

Jun Wei’s grandmother and the rest of the family are not satisfied with the charges and wants them to be charged with murder instead. Their lawyer will request for an amendment to the charges with the Attorney-General.

Although I would prefer that Tan and Lu be both charged with murder, homicide may be more accurate in this case as they may not have had the intention to kill Jun Wei. They neglected and possibly intentionally caused hurt to Jun Wei, but they may not have desired him to die.

Whether they had the intention to kill, I think it’s quite obvious they wanted to hurt Jun Wei. This alone shows that Tan and Lu do not deserve any compassion from the public. Their deeds must be known to everyone as a reminder that many children are abused and we must do all we can to stop similar cases from occurring.

The housemates where Jun Wei lived should also be questioned. They must learn from this that being ignorant about their suspicions prevented them from saving a child’s life.

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Three Year Old Boy Brutally Abused To Death in Malaysia



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Three Year Old Boy Brutally Abused To Death in Malaysia

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Lau Jun Wei

Lau Jun Wei

On October 5 2006, a close relative of three-year-old Lau Jun Wei and her boyfriend rushed into a doctor’s clinic in Taman University, Johor Baru with the boy in their arms no longer breathing. The couple claimed that Jun Wei suffered a fall. The doctor was shocked by the boy’s injuries and said she has never seen such a condition in a child in her 21 years of practice. She could not even sleep that night.

There were indications of hot water scalding all over his body. He had injuries at the back of his head, genitals and rectum. Jun Wei’s eyes were blue-black. He had marks on his hands and legs suggesting that he was tied up. His buttocks showed that he was repeatedly whipped. Cigarette burns on his thighs were found.

The doctor knew that the boy was already dead and reported the case to the police, suspecting that there was child abuse involved. Johor Baru police has arrested the 22-year-old unemployed woman and her 23-year-old boyfriend for murder investigations. They will be remanded until October 16.

Jun Wei is believed to have lived in a terrible condition. The suspects often lock him up in the room with a little dog while they went out.

Condition of room where Jun Wei was locked in

Condition of room where Jun Wei was locked in

The suspects rented two rooms in a house along Jalan Kebudayaan, Taman University which belongs to the woman’s brother-in-law. They have been staying there since three months ago. The parents of the boy seperated and the father is believed to be on the run from loan sharks. However, it seems that the female suspect is actually the mother of Jun Wei.

The suspected couple

The suspected couple

The house was also shared by several other tenants, who suspect something was amiss about the boy but did not do anything about it. They heard the boy crying occasionally and loud thumping sounds after midnight. Jun Wei was seldom out of the room.

Jun Wei used to live in Muar with his paternal uncle since he was born, but the female suspect took him away five months ago. Before that, Jun Wei was described as a cheerful and outgoing boy. The uncle met up with Jun Wei three months later and noticed that he was very quiet.

The post-mortem report released on October 6 showed that several major blows to the back of Jun Wei’s skull inflicted a few days ago caused massive internal bleeding. Thus, blue-black marks around his eyes appeared. He could have gone into a coma before he was rushed to the clinic.

Jun Wei’s body was released to his grandmother and uncle from Muar. The grandmother was weeping as she said she last saw Jun Wei two months ago. She said she kissed him on the forehead and asked if he was alright and he started to cry. Had she realized that there was something wrong with Jun Wei, she would have kept him away from the place of horror in Taman Univerisiti.

Vijayakumari Pillai of Kajang wrote to the New Straits Times on October 9 2006, imploring the authorities to charge the family members, as accorded by Section 28 of the Child Act 2001. It states that if any member of the family or guardian of a child who believes on reasonable grounds that the child is abused, neglected or abandoned, shall immediately inform a protector. Failure to comply is classified as an offence.

A member of the family includes the parents, guardian, and household members, who reside in the same household as the child.

Pillai feels that this law is not given enough publicity and that “the public should be made aware of the consequences of such apathy”.

Public apathy is one of the culprits in this case, along with many other social problems in this country. Family members and neighbours should have been pro-active in their suspicions and protect the child. There is hardly any excuse for these parties to not notice a problem in the boy as the symptoms and lack of proper care are obvious to see.

If you know of a child who is suffering from abuse or neglect, please take action and deal with the child’s caretaker.

The laws protecting children should be given more publicity and the courts must exercise the full extent of the law to punish the culprits.

New parents and newly-wed couples should be given adequate education and counselling on the responsibilities of having children. They should be made to realize how important and delicate care should be given to raising children and not dive into parenthood without proper consideration and practical planning.

The Government should take an active role in providing child welfare services, much like the United States. Child Protective Services (CPS) should be adopted to protect children from abuse and neglect. There must be an avenue for socially-responsible people to be employed or volunteer themselves to serve the needs of CPS. Click here for an example of what CPS does.

The Department of Social Welfare and the Malaysian Association for the Protection of Children are two organizations which can help reduce child abuse cases. The president of the second one, Mohd. Sham Kasim, can be contacted at msham-at-medic.upm.edu.my.

Further reading on child welfare in Malaysia:

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