Child Abuse and Child Murder Cases

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Following on the topic of child abuse (see Lau Jun Wei), I found a website called “Parents Behaving Badly”, maintained by Jay Andrew Allen. Warning: if you are put off by reading numerous cases of babies and children hurt and killed by their parents and caretakers, carefully consider if you want to visit this site.

Most of the stories show us how foolish and irresponsible people can be when a young life is supposed to be cared for by them. The children are needlessly dragged into these people’s fights, disrespectful behaviour, or twisted mentalities. Parents leave their babies in cars. Crying babies are strangled. Kids are starved to death. Parents performing immoral acts with their children. Fathers taking his children’s and his own lives.

These people have no love for their children and do not deserve them. These people, known and unknown, must be punished and removed from society. We must not ignore their sad and sickening crimes, and be active in helping prevent future cases from happening.

This is a list of the most significant cases:

Most Mental Parent – Adoptive Mother Guilty of Striking Son, Letting Him Die>

Most Violent Mom – Mom Convicted of Killing Baby by Bouncing Him off A Wall>

Most Stupid Parent – Baby Drowns in Mom’s Vomit Bucket>

Most Cold-Blooded Parent – Mom Teaches Teen Daughter The Basics of Burying Dead Babies>

Most Negligent Parents – Two Toddlers Scalded to Death>

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