Mozilla Firefox Web Browser Released

Mozilla Firefox (FF) has been released on December 19 2006. The second release from 2.0 has 8 general bug fixes and many new features.

Always use protection. Firefox.

Among the fixes, the five critical ones are:

Click on each of them to view details.

New stuff I haven’t seen before are:

Live Titles – Allows you to create bookmarks with microsummaries on the bookmark labels that can be regularly updated, as opposed to a static label. Web site owners can quickly put bits of updates on their site <title> tag without having to implement a RSS feed.

JavaScript 1.7 – New scripting language version includes support for generators, iterators, array comprehensions, let expressions, and destructuring assignment. More ways to complicate browsers and confuse visitors :P

Client-side session and persistent storage – Online transactions that make use of client-side storage for document and mailbox management can now store large structured data. Useful for websites like Google Docs and Spreadsheets and online banking sites.

New Windows installer – Uses the Nullsoft Scriptable Install System, which is neat and stable. You may have probably seen it used in Winamp.

Personally, FF has been very stable for me. Although I have more than 10 tabs and 10 extensions installed, it has crashed no more than a few times since I started using it.

Click on the download link below to get this release.

Update (21 Dec 2006): If you are still on 1.5.0.x like me, you should get the update to FF which contains the almost the same set of bug fixes as FF The download should be about 510KB.

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