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| 12 Feb 2007 | Posts | 1,073 views

I’m with an ad network called (PPP). Its sponsors pay me when I review a product or service that I’m interested in or have had experience with. I think it’s a great way to share something that I like and get some reimbursement for it.

Now PPP has an even better way to attract like-minded people like you to its network. If you have something to say about my posts, sign up with PPP and review my posts in your website. When you do this, you get paid US$7.50 via! This feature is known as “Review My Post” and you can get started by choosing posts that interest you and click on the “GET PAID TO REVIEW MY POST” button at the end of the posts.

Of course, I don’t mind if your review is negative, as I welcome all feedback except spam, which is what I usually get in my guestbook on my main site. The main purpose of this feature is to generate more traffic for both parties, and of course, the network. There may be minimum review requirements, like minimum number of words, web links to add, and minimum Google PageRank. Don’t worry, once you get the hang of reviewing and getting paid, it becomes too easy to link your topics and what the network has to offer.

PPP’s affiliate program features both this “Review My Post” and “Referral Program“. I think these are two great ways for PPP members to generate publishing income further than the sponsored posts. I suggest that PPP creates more colours and styles for those buttons for us to choose from, to better blend with our sites’ styles.

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