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Run Amok For The New Economic Policy

by on Nov.21, 2006, under Posts

Veteran writer, Lim Kit Siang, is imploring the Malaysian Parliament to debate on the recent behaviour of several UMNO party members involving waving the Malay keris and “incendiary speeches”.

The UMNO Youth leader Datuk Seri Hishammuddin waved the keris in the UMNO assembly this year just like he did last year, seemingly to reinforce the Malay race supremacy. One assembly delegate said that “UMNO was willing to risk lives and bathe in blood” while another warned that Malays could run “amok”, if the country’s Malay rights are challenged further. One commentator to Lim’s website quoted an interesting definition of the term “amok”.

According to the New Straits Times, Ledang Youth chief Mohamed Zan Abu said “we should defend it (Malay rights) to the last drop of out blood“. Youth information chief Datuk Azimi Daim warned “when tension rises, the blood of Malay warriors will run in our veins“.

Consider such statements that were made in the congregation of the nation’s leaders while Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) Datuk Seri Najib Razak warned during the opening night of discussions that irresponsible parties should halt inciting racial sentiments. Many Malaysians must be wondering if the UMNO Youth members were having tea break when the DPM spoke.

The National Economic Policy (NEP), formed many years ago, was designed to protect the interests of the Malays, and has been the focus of many recent debates within and outside of the Government. Malaysiakini, an online authority on national issues of Malaysia, has a good article interviewing Anwar Ibrahim, member of the opposition party, and his views of the NEP which is so fiercely defended by the current ruling party.

Lim warns that this recent “irresponsible, provocative and seditious” speeches at the assembly pose a dangerous setback to national unity and nation-building, scaring foreign investment away and generally damage the confidence of the general Malaysian public.

Thirty years of nurturing a growing and progressive economy are in a threat of losing its efforts if such behaviour of the country’s leaders remain unchecked.

Why worry so much if you think are supreme and mighty?

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Free Outgoing Traffic Tracking Web Tool

by on Nov.15, 2006, under Posts

For websites and bloggers who are concerned with their web traffic, it has been the norm to analyze the incoming traffic trends using onsite analytical tools or third-party tools. You can see where most of your traffic is coming from, but do you know where your visitors go to next? Do you know what links they click most, possibly indicating a trend or interest in a particular topic?

I’ve been evaluating this free outgoing traffic tracking service, known as

Bingr’s website is efficiently designed and works well. Being written in ASP, I didn’t expect it to perform quite fast. The interface is simple and gets things done easily.

For each link in your site that you want to track, you give it a name and its link. Bingr will return you a shortened link to replace the link. With this link, Bingr can track the number of clicks and the country of origin.

For example, I created a link for:

and Bingr gives me this link to use:

To your visitors, they won’t see a difference. You can then view a graph of the clicks across time and see the trend of the link. This is very useful for bloggers and website owners who want to understand where their visitors visit next and build on those trends. If they are particularly interested in a news article on crime and public safety, you can then focus your blog on those topics or feature related products and services, such as personal security devices.

You can create as many Bingr links as you like, but each one can be tracked for 30 days.

Give it a try and let me know whether it is useful for you.


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Mozilla Firefox Web Browser Released

by on Nov.08, 2006, under Posts

For those Mozilla Firefox 1.5.x users who are cool with their version and can wait for 2.x to be downloaded automatically, your browser will probably be downloading right now.

This version resolves three bugs and improves the update feature for it to download lean and custom FF 2.0 installation instead of full installer.

FF 1.5 will be supported and updated until April 27 2007. Although most extensions work in FF 2.0, your only reason to stick with FF 1.5 is the themes, unless you can find FF 2.0 versions.

I’m giving one last chance to FF 1.5 not to crash occasionally when I open a link in a new tab…

Meanwhile, let me recommend a really fun extension, called StumbleUpon. It is a social bookmarking service which lets your surf to pages recommended by others. You can share interesting pages that you have visited and give reviews. Pretty useful extension when you have been surfing for eight hours already and can’t seen to find any more and will crash and die of fatigue. Check it out using the link below.

Oh, FF and are planned to be released on Dec 14 2006. So, you got some time to really think carefully if you want to move on to FF 2.0. ;)

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