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Wing To The Beat

by on May.30, 2006, under Posts

Several years back in the middle of a frentic project implementation week I sought for some temporal escape from tension. Being multi-lingual, songs originally in English being translated and sung in Mandarin / Cantonese / Hokkien and vice versa always cracks me up. Top it off with contemporary and top-of-the-charts tracks and I can laugh my esophagus out.

Folks, let me introduce the internationally-acclaimed and warm-hearted Kiwi singer, Wing! Also known as Wing Han Tsang, this charming lady migrated to New Zealand from Hong Kong and found a modest amount of fame by belting hits from my favorite musical, The Phantom of the Opera, Elvis, and even AC/DC. I first spotted her several years back on her website when I could sample her songs, but now you have to pay a membership fee to do that.

Wing has a unique style to singing these English songs and that always puts a smile on my face. IMHO, the best from her are “Music of the Night” and “It’s Now Or Never”. Now that I’ve rekindled my fandom for Wing, I think I’m going to buy some of her tracks.

Folks in NZ have it good. AFAIC, the IT industry is in demand there, and the environment is beautiful and peaceful. Very conducive place to relax and bring up kids. Wing is an example of a foreign talent that is mutually beneficial with the country. I’m sure she is having a good time sipping hot Earl Grey and munching Weetbix with the kids all over the porch right now.

New Zealand will probably be my earthly Promised Land. Blue skies, clear beaches and WingTunes on my Musical Fidelity Tempest. Ahh, theys beckons me…>>

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How You Deal With Differences

by on May.23, 2006, under Posts

I chanced upon a local wind of discussion about the strong views of a Malaysian blogger, MENJ. He is a young man studying in a local college with very polarized opinions on several issues, including the differences between religions, gender and political figures.>

During my teenage years, I thought about the single thing that caused the world so much death, destruction, pain, wars, losses, and general discomfort. In my Christian teachings, I know that it is humankind’s sins. Our first parents, Adam and Eve, committed the ultimate sin, which is to the desire to be God.

My personal theory of the cause is: difference.

Humans are blessed (but often misuse) with the power to think, to rationalize, judge, opinionate, and react. No other living thing has this much complex processing ability. Over the course of human history, we see that wars, arguments, and crime are all caused by differences.

  • One man felt that Jews should be wiped out.
  • The wife thinks that the husband is too lazy to do any useful work at home, but the husband thinks that he has been working too hard to provide for the wife.
  • I don’t have that flashy and expensive mobile phone that you’re carrying, and I want to take yours.

The case of this young Malaysian writing and exerting a lot of his views on a wide scale is disturbing, to say the least. He has proven that he has been judgmental of the current Prime Minister’s wife, women in general, and Christians. Several bloggers have been highlighting the potential dangers that this man can incite and personally execute.

There have been lessons in history that show us how much destruction one man can cause, if his consistent actions are not kept in check by authorities. Authorities as in, parents, social groups, and the government. Remember the Germany, Vietnam, Somalia, and most recently, Iraq.

My stand is that if you believe or oppose something fervently, keep it to yourself. The human race, and many other smaller scale groups, works best as a united and cooperating lot. We already fare very badly at managing ourselves (check with your ultimate authority, whether it is God, Allah, Buddha, human government, etc.), and we can’t survive long if we have people who do not respect one another’s differences.

Come on, it’s already difficult enough to make a living and live a happy life.

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Global handset market to reach $250 billion by 2011

by on May.22, 2006, under Posts

Global handset market to reach $250 billion by 2011 by ZDNet‘s ZDNet Research — Global wireless handset market grows 23% in 2006 and will reach $250 billion by 2011, In-Stat says. The market for wireless handsets was $110 billion in 2005. In-Stat predicts that it will grow 23%, to exceed $136 billion in 2006. It will continue to grow but at a slower rate, exceeding $250 billion in 2011. […]

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