Italian Sneaks, French Arrogance, and Fight Club

OK, it’s over.

Watching the match with very conversational people the whole Monday morning, the full-time score should have been Italy 2-1. The second goal by the Italians was clearly not off-side.

I’m on the Zidane camp. Verbal abuse is as despicable as diving for the opponent’s ankles, if not more. Zidane, you stay strong with your Golden Ball.

And now, let the world resume its usual programming and convene for another seaon of late nights, commerical marketing, and bets.

<– topic tangent –>

Kenny has found what is now considered the darkest point of social integrity of our local children. Similar to the recent two incidents of students attacking one, this video is going to reach even higher levels of shock and significance. View at your own risk!



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