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For websites and bloggers who are concerned with their web traffic, it has been the norm to analyze the incoming traffic trends using onsite analytical tools or third-party tools. You can see where most of your traffic is coming from, but do you know where your visitors go to next? Do you know what links they click most, possibly indicating a trend or interest in a particular topic?

I’ve been evaluating this free outgoing traffic tracking service, known as

Bingr’s website is efficiently designed and works well. Being written in ASP, I didn’t expect it to perform quite fast. The interface is simple and gets things done easily.

For each link in your site that you want to track, you give it a name and its link. Bingr will return you a shortened link to replace the link. With this link, Bingr can track the number of clicks and the country of origin.

For example, I created a link for:

and Bingr gives me this link to use:

To your visitors, they won’t see a difference. You can then view a graph of the clicks across time and see the trend of the link. This is very useful for bloggers and website owners who want to understand where their visitors visit next and build on those trends. If they are particularly interested in a news article on crime and public safety, you can then focus your blog on those topics or feature related products and services, such as personal security devices.

You can create as many Bingr links as you like, but each one can be tracked for 30 days.

Give it a try and let me know whether it is useful for you.


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