Five Irritating Habits of People

[JPG image 150x150px]Everyday as we go about in our routine in life, there are moments when people just irritate us with their dirty, disgusting, degrading or deadly habits. We see them when we drive to work, shop at the mall, or dine at a local eatery.

What are the stuff that people do that irritate me?

  1. Cough, sneeze or spit without covering mouth, in a inconsiderate direction, or without proper disposal.
  2. Second-hand smoke.
  3. Visible exhaust and carbon monoxide smell from vehicles.
  4. Stopping, waiting or just doing something selfish in the middle of human or vehicle traffic with no reasonable need.
  5. Cutting queue without asking or apology.

What else do you think makes us humans seem like having social standards of animals?

Note: I have nothing against animals, they are cool.

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