FIFA World Cup Germany 2006 As Of 2 July and Real Movies

Not even worth RM5 at the mamak.

Germany was lucky against Argentina (both played like 22 planks of wood), and Brazil was probably tied down by pundits in favour of France. England was unfortunate, but they have better fun in EPL than World Cup.

FIFA really needs to look into using more technology for fair play, instead of something about racism (??). The referees need to access the same video feeds as what we have.

So, at the end, I believe the French will meet the Germans again. Hopefully, it will be a good show worth my sleep.

<– Subject Tangent –>

Recently there has been a good supply of “real” movies, especially after “Super Size Me” and “Bowling for Columbine”. These are really informative and objective movies worth watching to make us think. Ponder over what your government, large oil corporations and insurance companies are actually doing, and ask yourself whether they deserve and ought to be where they are.

If you’re not into movies, go learn about how the people are fighting against such evils and for their rights. Time to think about the world’s problems and how you can help to make life a little more comfortable for all of us.


Super Size Me – <URL:>
Bowling for Columbine – <URL:>
Thank You for Smoking – <URL:>
An Inconvenient Truth – <URL:>
Who Killed the Electric Car? – <URL:>
America: From Freedom To Fascism – <URL:>


MoveOn.Org – <URL:>
Exxpose Exxon – <URL:>

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Photo courtesy of AFP


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