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Site Traffic Analysis for Q4 2006

by on Jan.04, 2007, under Posts


My personal website, lokety.com, typically has an average of 83 pageviews per day for Q4 2006. I track and analyze my sites using Google Analytics, which has pretty cool and useful statistics. There are two spikes over this period:

Date Pageviews Unique Visitors
6 November 2006 713 36
2 January 2007 174 48

Date range: 1 Nov 2006 to 3 Jan 2007
Date range: 1 Nov 2006 to 3 Jan 2007

The first spike is probably when I was testing a http-refresh page which shows random funny/witty quotes. More than 600 hits were to this page. It is meant to be displayed at the bottom of the splash page. Click here to view it. Since then, I’ve reduced the refresh frequency.

Date range: 4 Dec 2006 to 3 Jan 2007
Date range: 4 Dec 2006 to 3 Jan 2007

The second spike shows how visitors like to come back to surfing my site after a long holiday period. As usual, the MechWarrior 2 Infopage came out tops, contributing to 44% of the 174 hits that day. The Myst and Riven Infopage placed second with about 13% share.

Date: 2 Jan 2007
Date: 2 Jan 2007

Based on 337 search keywords used in December 2006, the following are the top three:

  1. mechwarrior
  2. singapore
  3. t28

In the same month, Mozilla Firefox accounts for 26.4% of the browsers surfers use, while Microsoft Internet Explorer has 61.1%.


The ultra-hip blog site has had 3 significant moments in the past quarter. The record 36 pageviews occurred on 13 December 2006.

Date range: 1 Oct 2006 to 3 Jan 2007
Date range: 1 Oct 2006 to 3 Jan 2007

I think they have something to do with the top 3 posts and search keywords:

  1. Google Finance Website Revamped
  2. Cell Therapeutics To Submit New XYOTAX Drug Trial to FDA
  3. Secure and Convenient Keyless Door Locks
  1. malaysia
  2. medklinn
  3. ctic

Much thanks go out to the PayPerPost forum and WebProNews for their links. They helped my blog to reach almost 6 pageviews per day for Q4. Yay.

Gabriel’s Journal

My son’s blog has not seen more visitors, especially after the migration from the old domain name to gabriel-loke.blogspot.com. The average pageviews per day is 2.95.

Date range: 1 Oct 2006 to 3 Jan 2007
Date range: 1 Oct 2006 to 3 Jan 2007

I appreciate the distant visitor from Hawaii, who must have made extra effort to find my boy’s blog. Please do come again. :)

Date range: 1 Oct 2006 to 3 Jan 2007
Date range: 1 Oct 2006 to 3 Jan 2007

Of the 266 pageviews, 187 of them or 70.3% landed on the index page. It will be a challenge to encourage these surfers to be interested to read more than the first two posts.

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I’m Live

by on Sep.17, 2006, under Posts

I’ve migrated both www.geocities.com/lokety/ and lokety.blogspot.com to a spanking new paid host:

www.lokety.com and glob.lokety.com


Initially there has been problems with FTP publishing to glob.lokety.com from Blogger, which was fixed by using Microsoft Internet Explorer and changing from hostname to IP for the ftp server. I’m not sure which one helped but now I’m facing another problem which I hope this post will fix. Images are still hosted on and referenced from Blogger, but they are supposed to be transferred over to my host along with the HTML files. Let’s see how this goes.

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lokety 2.0

by on Sep.15, 2006, under Posts

After more than ten years on the World Wide Web, my web sites are going to be commercially hosted.

Watch out for it!





And some exciting new ones too…

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