PPCP Online Experience Update & Closure

For those who have read my previous post on the customer service experience from PPCP Online, here is an update and closure on the matter.

About a week after I raised my opinion on the experience, one of the owners, Nat, of the online store called me again. He repeatedly apologized on behalf of the store for the inconvenience caused to me, and positively arranged for the replacement unit of the Stetige tripod to be personally delivered to me.

He also explained that there was a lack of units during the Chinese festive season earlier and was not able to respond to my needs in time. I told him that the least they could have done was to tell me the truth in a timely manner, so that I wouldn’t have flared up.

True to Nat’s word, the replacement unit was delivered on time. To my surprise, a small gift was included in the unit. The unit itself turned out to be in good condition and performed better than the first one.

In conclusion, I still believe in good customer service, whether online or in the Real World. Whether the customer is right does not matter, but communication and positive-thinking are more important. I do appreciate PPCP Online’s effort and will consider to continue shopping there.

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PPCP Online Pathetic Customer Service – DO NOT BUY

I ordered a Stetige tripod from www.perfectpixelcameraparts.com on 29 January 2008. It was delivered quickly, just one or two days later.

Stetige TripodHowever, the unit that I started using broke down after a few days of use. When I pulled open the legs, one of the legs’ locking bracket broke apart and became loose. As a result, this leg was unable to open to the fixed position anymore.

I started contact the store on 9 February 2008 to ask for a replacement unit. Jeremy Tan from the store confirmed that once the Chinese New Year period was over and new stock arrived, he would deliver the replacement.

On 19 February 2008, I wrote to orders@perfectpixelcameraparts.com and info@perfectpixelcameraparts.com to request for an update since I had not heard from them since early February. Jeremy said he would contact me again within a week.

Up till 7 March 2008, I have not heard from Jeremy anymore. It has been more than a month since I last used the tripod and I have not been able to get a replacement unit.

I seriously do not recommend PCCP Online as a retail merchant because:

  1. contacting and communicating with them is difficult
  2. do not honor dates
  3. poor order fulfillment and defects replacement

Nat and Jeremy Tan from www.perfectpixelcameraparts.com are not retail people that you want to spend your money on. They are unreliable and slow. Do not buy anything from their store unless you want to suffer high risk of customer dissatisfaction when your order breaks.

Bear in mind, I still have faith in the quality of the product, but it is the utter failure of customer service that the store shows.

Save time and money and avoid buying anything from PPCP Online, www.perfectpixelcameraparts.com.

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