Five Reasons Not To Stay At Avillion Admiral Cove

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Avillion Admiral Cove - Please Don't.

In the first week of August 2010, I decided to take an ad-hoc getaway to a beach scene. Thinking that the first time to this place wasn’t bad and that there was an “August & September Promo”, we booked for a RM350++ “Premium Room” for one night’s stay at the Avillion Admiral Cove in Port Dickson, Seremban.

I have never had a hotel experience as repugnant and overrated as Avillion Admiral Cove.

Let me give you five very good reasons why anyone should not stay at the Avillion Admiral Cove, in ascending order of impact in my personal experience.

1. Poor and almost non-existent reception service

I believe the hotel was actually a serviced-apartment that complimented the yacht club, which means the design, infrastructure, location and facilities were not meant for holiday-makers. At the driveway where we dropped off the kids and luggage, the so-called lobby is about 20×20 feet large with a little bar the staff uses as “reception”.

There is no signage, keydrop, carpet, or proper indication where reception is and where the different kinds of rooms are.

The path to the elevators require three turns along a 5-foot corridor, which cannot be accessed if you have had to park your car one level lower, since the ground level can only accommodate about 30 cars.

If I’m paying hundreds of ringgit a night to stay at this resort, I certainly do not feel I am at a resort, but more like an apartment building with guys hanging around not greeting me and happened to be pushing luggage around.

2. Poorly-maintained kids’ pool

After we checked in to our premium room and successfully figured out which one of the 5 video inputs to the LCD TV was for the cable channel, my boys headed to the shady pool by the clubhouse. It looks good until you start using it.

There were all kinds of foliage at your feet in the pool. The sea lion statues by the kids’ pool were not secured and could fall off and basically pin children under the water. One of my boys managed to let loose one of them and the water hose practically sprayed all the kids, leaving them crying.

Screws and sharp metal edges were all around the base of the sea lions, waiting to cut children’s feet when they walk over.

3. Rude staff, lack of supper options, and dangerous bar

After wondering if this was a hotel and kids terrified of sea lions for life, we dropped by the hotel bar for supper and a few drinks. Well, we got the drinks, but a lot more that we didn’t expect.

With a total staff strength of one, the bar had broken glass on the floor and no food other than salty peanuts. We couldn’t get any beer other than draft Tiger, which took repeated questions to get the attention of the bar crew. Of one lady, who looked like her cat died but the manager didn’t grant her grievous leave.

By the time we cleverly ensured that our next round of beers were secured, the lady staff had the cat balls to stare at her watch in front of us. Next thing we knew, she came over and told us, “Can you please finish up faster as we are closing the bar at 12?”

I think Avillion should really think about her cat.

4. Unresponsive breakfast staff

The next morning we had buffet breakfast at the clubhouse. Weather was pleasant, guests were gracious and comfortable, until we met the cook who minded the eggs.

We walked up to her, already quite satisfied with the breakfast quality, asking if there were any omelettes. The dark and blank stare that hit us was utterly shocking. It was as if we asked for a new object in the universe.

Even if it is something new or if she couldn’t respond adequately, a simple gesture would have sufficed as an answer. Wait, is she the same fella at the bar last night?

You call this customer service?!?

5. Dirty beds with mites causing weeks of itchy sores

The piece de resistance of this entire experience. The mites in our hotel beds which still has a lasting impact on my entire family until the writing of this post.

Both double beds and the day bed was infested with mites which we only realized soon after we checked out. This was when everyone felt supremely itchy on our backs and limbs. Soon, sores appeared. We kept itching and scratching. The effect becomes particularly more apparent after we bathe.

This is not the kind of impression that hotels want to leave on guests long after they are gone! What the hell is wrong with this establishment? Are they trying to get closed down? Did the cat say anything before it died?

Incidentally, my brother-in-law had the same kind of beds just two weeks before me at its sister establishment, the Avillion Port Dickson. Until today at the time of this blog post, he still has those sores all over his back and legs! This is what you get from “an award-winning beach resort”, ptui!

Please heed my warning and do not patronize at either the Avillion Admiral Cove or Avillion Port Dickson in Seremban, Malaysia. For me, it will be the last time I’ll ever spend my money there.

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Restaurant Review – Kimtal B

There has been a phenomenal growth in the number of Asian-style mid-end coffee houses sprouting all over Malaysia. If you have been trying all the various brands, there is a particular one that I personally tried that you should not miss! That is if you want to be utterly disappointed with the food quality and even worse the poorest customer service I’ve ever encountered in that area.

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Kimtal B - Advisory Warning
The one I want to highlight here is Kimtal B, located in Puchong IOI Boulevard (GPS coordinates 3°02’47.8″ N, 101°37’20.79″ E). IOI Boulevard is opposite IOI Mall in Puchong. This coffee house is located at one of the outer corners of the shopping and office block.

When I was ordering food for my family, rice for by boys and noodles for adults, I saw that there were two tables who had their orders taken at the same time. 15 minutes later, the only dish that arrived was a weird looking toast with half-boiled eggs in the middle. Meanwhile, the other tables already had half of their orders arriving, mostly noodle dishes. At that time I got the attention of the manager and asked him to check on the rice order. Minutes later, all the dishes for adults arrived, but the kitchen still cannot produce the chicken rice order.

I approached the kitchen window where the dishes were placed out and questioned the waitress what was holding up my order. As usual, the waitress and manager both said they were preparing my order and even gave the excuse that they placed the order wrongly. I said, “That’s not my problem. Anyway, how long should it take to prepare chicken rice? The noodle dishes can be done faster than chicken rice? Does that make sense?“.

When all my orders finally arrived, we found the curry noodles tasteless and with no significant meat ingredients. The focal dish of so-called chicken rice had chicken meat that my mother commonly refers to as “table cloth” meat and the rice had the weirdest taste that my boys described as “sour”. In my disbelief and total detest at this eatery, I gave the manager a few words of criticism and gave him money I told him both he and I know could have been spent much better in most other places in the vicinity.

Kimtal B, remember this name when you are looking for a new place to eat in Puchong. Warn your friends and family of the disgraceful customer service of Kimtal B. Do not go there for any reason, food, drinks or entertainment. It will be my first and last time I’ll ever dine at Kimtal B, and hope you will heed my advice.

My rating: 1 star for its interior design and ambiance (it was a very comfortable morning after a brief cold shower).

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