Google Went Binged

Just in 30 minutes ago:

JPG Image, 927x600px
Google's New Search Result Page

which looks suspiciously similar to:

JPG image, 932x601px
Bing Bang Bong

Page still loads fast, AdWords are nowhere to be seen, and the colors and font look more… Androidish?!? I guess this is what Marissa Mayer means “our overall look more modern”. I can’t wait to see how this design is maintained across to the mobile search.

BusinessWeek just ran an article on the way the nerds at Google got to this design, which is kind of scary and fun at the same time.

What do you guys think?

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Nokia N78 Packet Data Connections

For those who have the Nokia N78 mobile phone and are having difficulties getting packet data connections over GPRS and 3G, I have found one solution. This problem happens after you have downloaded or configured your operator’s access points (Menu -> Tools -> Settings -> Connection -> Destinations) and when you want to connect for web browsing or sending multimedia messages (MMS). The phone will show a message saying “connection not available“.

Solution is simple. Go to Menu -> Tools -> Settings -> Connection -> APN control. A message will say “Reading content from SIM card”. After that, it should display another message “Connections restrictions inactive”. If it does not, go to Options -> Deactivate restrictions. Exit all the way back to the standby display and try web browsing or sending a MMS.

The help page for “Restrict connections” is described:

With the access point control service, packet data connections from your device may be restricted to certain access points only.

Your SIM card may not support the access point control service. Contact your service provider for more information.

Let me know if this works for you.

The following is a good site to be updated on Nokia software updates, which recently announced firmware version 12.046 for the Nokia N78. This release includes performance improvements for softkey selection, Bluetooth stability, video playback, e-mail sending and alarm clock functions.


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