Immediate Benefits When You Stop Smoking

In addition to the “supply” of haze from Indonesia, this is a good article for smokers to read and think about in this season of serious air pollution in Malaysia.

Read healthbolt’s article entitled “What Happens to Your body if you stop smoking Right now?” here:


For Chinese-literate folks, here is the Google-translated version:

Immediate Benefits When You Stop Smoking
PS: I’m organizing an elite team of assassins who will be infiltrating Sumatra and disengaging the targets who are responsible for the open burning. Interested parties, please contact me discreetly. Trained and/or experienced personnel preferred. For background reading, please click here.

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Stop The Burning You Imbecilic Farmers!

Late last month, I started having a itchy throat with phlegm that refused to go. A week later, I went to full blown fever for three days and a nest full of what I call “Bobs”, ulcers at the back of my throat. It was so painful just doing nothing, much less swallow, drink or eat. They were killing my appetite, work, weight and social health, hanging in there around my large tonsils. It has been one of the worst medical problems that are non-major/terminal, I kid you not.

The pain persisted for two weeks, after bags of antibiotics, boxes of Strepsils, and one bottle of Oradet antiseptic mouthwash. I could drink water and eat normally, but I reckoned I lost 2 kg. I also wasted time with my son and wife, not being able to communicate well with them.

This is not mine, but I had six or more of these about half the size of this one.

Guess what, one Bob came back this week. fR^)@*&+(UFJ# J-($J )FR)@(*&$*(!8&R(F!!

I’ve seen my colleagues, friends and family, from babies to elderly, all down with coughs, flus and headaches.

The main cause of all this pain and sorrow is the brainless burning of plots of land by farmers in Indonesia and Malaysia to make way for planting of new crops every Q3 of the year. What they are not concerned with are their own health, millions of others’ health, visibility of transport systems, overburning into property and innocent lives, and global warming!

You can literally smell it in the air and see the haze and smoke all over the landscape. Air flights are affected. Cars, buildings, flora and animals are affected. Our blatant lack of care for the environment by means of vehicle emissions and dumping of rubbish is not helping either.

Do your bit and voice out your concerns and rights for clean air at the Department of Environment, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Malaysia. On its website, it says that “complaints pertaining to the environmental pollutions can be made via mail, phone-call or submitted directly to the relevant Department of Environment State Office’s”.


The complaints line is +60-3-88891972.

Meanwhile, please practice personal hygiene and care for the environment. Make an active effort to constantly think of ways to reduce pollution and spread the news on the effects and solutions for pollution. Keep your kids and yourselves indoors as often as possible, ensure your vehicles do not emit too much smoke (don’t smoke too!), stop open and uncontrolled burning! Earth will not last long if we are to keep our current ways of life and attitudes.

Due to this season of stupidity and heartlessness of these farmers, I’ve taken an active interest in health products that may help combat the air pollution. Air ionizers emit negative ions into the air which can trap or deactivate air pollutants including smoke and dust, leaving the area with clean air. With this kind of device, I don’t even have to open windows for “fresh air” to come in, because the processed air inside is even cleaner than outside!

This ionizer, called MedKlinn, is able to produce lots of negative ions into a room without side effects such as “black wall” and needs no major maintenance and replacing of parts. I’ve started using it and I think we are enjoying some effects already. Go look for it, or any other ionizer, and read the brochures to understand more.


The next place I intend to ionize is the car cabin. More on this in the next blog entry or so.

Curse you irresponsible farmers!!!

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