Network Market Your Blog, Get Exponential Exposure

Network marketing is a powerful and fast way to gain exposure to a product or service. Using a hierarchical network of referrals, people can quickly spread the news of the product or service.

Now imagine the same kind of system for blogs.

This is what BlogRush is designed for. When you create an account with BlogRush and set up a widget on your blogs, fellow blog owners who sign up with BlogRush under you contribute to your own reach in the blogosphere. Each widget impression in your blogs and those under you give you credit, which in turn gives you more traffic to your blogs by means of widget links in other related blogs. The effect of impressions ripples down ten generations below you, each lower one with less impression-to-credit ratio than the previous level.

Take a look at the widget in this blog along the sidebar. These links are contextually selected by the system to be relevant to this blog. Each impression here earns me a link in some other blog’s BlogRush widget.

Thus, your blogs gains exposure exponentially as your downline (a popular term in network marketing) grows both horizontally and vertically. It also adds value to your blogs as it gives more options for your readers as to what other related content may be available elsewhere.

One suggestion for the BlogRush folks: allow us to customize the design and size of the widget. Thanks!

See your blogs’ traffic grow by signing up with BlogRush today. If you choose “News & Media” or “Technology” as the type of blog you own, I may be pushing a new source of readers and traffic to your blog very soon!



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Site Traffic Analysis for Q4 2006

My personal website,, typically has an average of 83 pageviews per day for Q4 2006. I track and analyze my sites using Google Analytics, which has pretty cool and useful statistics. There are two spikes over this period:

Date Pageviews Unique Visitors
6 November 2006 713 36
2 January 2007 174 48

Date range: 1 Nov 2006 to 3 Jan 2007
Date range: 1 Nov 2006 to 3 Jan 2007

The first spike is probably when I was testing a http-refresh page which shows random funny/witty quotes. More than 600 hits were to this page. It is meant to be displayed at the bottom of the splash page. Click here to view it. Since then, I’ve reduced the refresh frequency.

Date range: 4 Dec 2006 to 3 Jan 2007
Date range: 4 Dec 2006 to 3 Jan 2007

The second spike shows how visitors like to come back to surfing my site after a long holiday period. As usual, the MechWarrior 2 Infopage came out tops, contributing to 44% of the 174 hits that day. The Myst and Riven Infopage placed second with about 13% share.

Date: 2 Jan 2007
Date: 2 Jan 2007

Based on 337 search keywords used in December 2006, the following are the top three:

  1. mechwarrior
  2. singapore
  3. t28

In the same month, Mozilla Firefox accounts for 26.4% of the browsers surfers use, while Microsoft Internet Explorer has 61.1%.

The ultra-hip blog site has had 3 significant moments in the past quarter. The record 36 pageviews occurred on 13 December 2006.

Date range: 1 Oct 2006 to 3 Jan 2007
Date range: 1 Oct 2006 to 3 Jan 2007

I think they have something to do with the top 3 posts and search keywords:

  1. Google Finance Website Revamped
  2. Cell Therapeutics To Submit New XYOTAX Drug Trial to FDA
  3. Secure and Convenient Keyless Door Locks
  1. malaysia
  2. medklinn
  3. ctic

Much thanks go out to the PayPerPost forum and WebProNews for their links. They helped my blog to reach almost 6 pageviews per day for Q4. Yay.

Gabriel’s Journal

My son’s blog has not seen more visitors, especially after the migration from the old domain name to The average pageviews per day is 2.95.

Date range: 1 Oct 2006 to 3 Jan 2007
Date range: 1 Oct 2006 to 3 Jan 2007

I appreciate the distant visitor from Hawaii, who must have made extra effort to find my boy’s blog. Please do come again. :)

Date range: 1 Oct 2006 to 3 Jan 2007
Date range: 1 Oct 2006 to 3 Jan 2007

Of the 266 pageviews, 187 of them or 70.3% landed on the index page. It will be a challenge to encourage these surfers to be interested to read more than the first two posts.

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Share Template Tip Part 2: Render Previous Post Links

Enhancing on the previous session of template goodies, I’ve finetuned the behaviour of the “Previous Post/Month” link at the bottom of three types of blog pages. The common tip that other bloggers use to display the previous post’s link will not work well in the individual post pages, thus the need to enhance using JavaScript here. They are:

  1. MainPage – display link to the n + 1 page, where n is the number of posts to display per page
  2. ItemPage – display link to the previous post
  3. ArchivePage – display select combobox with all months of posts

You may want to read up on the previous session first before proceeding below.

Place this (updated) JavaScript code anywhere in between your template’s <head> tag. Same thing, adjust nMaxPostsOnMainPage to the number of posts that you have set to display.

<script type=”text/javascript”>
// This JavaScript code created by Teng-Yan Loke
// Date: 12 Dec 2006 2349hrs
// Website:
// E-mail:
var nMaxPostsOnMainPage = 2;
var nItemTitleTruncateLength = 50;
var aPosts = new Array(nMaxPostsOnMainPage + 1);
var n = 0;
var sItemTitle;
sItemTitle = String(“<$BlogPreviousItemTitle$>”).substring(0, nItemTitleTruncateLength);
aPosts[n] = “<$BlogItemPermalinkURL$>|” + sItemTitle; n = n + 1;</BloggerPreviousItems>
function writePrevPostOnMainPage()
var sTmp;

sTmp = aPosts[nMaxPostsOnMainPage].split(“|”);
if (sTmp[1].length == nItemTitleTruncateLength) sTmp[1] = sTmp[1] + “…”;
document.write(“<a href=\”” + sTmp[0] + “\” target=\”_top\”>” + sTmp[1] + “</a>”);

function writePrevPostOnItemPage()
var sTmp;
var sItemTitle;
var i = 0;
var j = 0;

sItemTitle = String(“<ItemPage><Blogger><$BlogItemTitle$></Blogger></ItemPage>”).substring(0, nItemTitleTruncateLength);
do {
sTmp = aPosts[i].split(“|”);
if (sTmp[1] == sItemTitle)
j = 1;
} while (j == 0);
sTmp = aPosts[i].split(“|”);
if (sTmp[1].length == nItemTitleTruncateLength) sTmp[1] = sTmp[1] + “…”;
document.write(“<a href=\”” + sTmp[0] + “\” target=\”_top\”>” + sTmp[1] + “</a>”);

Main Page

Use the JavaScript function writePrevPostOnMainPage() as before, on the main page. You can use something like:

<MainPage><div style=””>Previous post: <script type=”text/javascript”>writePrevPostOnMainPage();</script></div></MainPage>

Item Page

For individual posts, use the following code. You can place this just next to the preceding code of the <MainPage> tags.

<ItemPage><p>Previous post: <script type=”text/javascript”>writePrevPostOnItemPage();</script></p></ItemPage>

Archive Page

This last part may be no surprise to some of you as you may have seen a variant of this elsewhere. Place this code next to the preceding code:

<ArchivePage><p><a href=”<$BlogURL$>” target=”_top”>Back to Home</a> |
Other Months: <form name=”previouspostform”><select name=”previouspostselect” size=”1″>
<option>click here</option>
<option onclick=”javascript:window.location.href='<$BlogArchiveURL$>’;”><$BlogArchiveName$></option>

Same your template, publish, and test these goodies out!

If you try all these code, please let me know how it goes for you. Leave comments here…

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