Stop the Hunting of Seals in Canada!

Can you imagine babies beaten to death by fellow humans? Can you hear their cries and tears when they are hit with sticks and sharp weapons? Can you see the blood splashed all over and forming scarlet trails on the ground?

If you find those thoughts disgusting, shameful and extremely immoral, this is happening right now northeast of Newfoundland, where sealers will kill 70 percent of the 270,000 seals the Canadian government is allowing this year. Commercial seal hunting involves many seal pups who were clubbed or shot. They were almost entirely covered with white fur, meaning they were just a couple of weeks old.

Seals are being hunted when it is the low season for to fish to Canadian seafood. Such seafood includes crabs and other shellfish.

When the buying stops, so will the killing. Show your support to stop the seal hunting by refusing to buy Canadian seafood. As a consumer, you have the power to influence the market demand for such products to save the innocent and precious wildlife that forms the beauty of this world.

Check out the link to sign your pledge to support the movement and promotion material. Save the beautiful seals from inhumanity.


Humane Society of the United States, The – Stop Canada’s Cruel Seal Hunt