New Tech News Blog: The Tech Planet

Being a techie/geeky guy who still enjoys toys for big boys and the latest technological advancements, I’m always on the lookout for technology news on the web. Recently, I’ve come across a blog-style site that covers technology, trends, software and web services. Check out The Tech Planet.

The posts are concise and just the right size for quick digestion, so it’s worth adding to your RSS reader. Posts also contain photos of the subject, making it easier to browse topics of interest.

It’s fairly new (from December 2006), but I think it suits techie people like myself and complements the topics on my own blog. For example, the post on “Honda readys fuel-cell car for 2018” talks about when Honda plans to offer a hydrogen fuel-cell powered car in ten years’ time. Author Michael Paul says that the timeline and sale price are off the mark and I agree with him. With rising fuel costs and world climate, we need alternative fuel vehicles within the next few years.

Go visit The Tech Planet today to get a quick dose of technology news that makes you stand out from the general population. :)

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