Google Trends and Desktop

The Google machine has gave birth to two new/updated services: Google Trends and Google Desktop.

Trends shows the volume of search and news of any topic over time. You could see how often you are mentioned on the web by enterting your name. So far, no one has bothered about me, but why do I still get 50+ spam mail per day?

Search concentration is also sorted city, region and language.

I did a trend comparison between Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Click here. Before Firefox 1.0 was released, interests about the browser increased tremendously. Goes to show what folks are looking for an answer to a better web experience.

Another fun search I did was this. Scroll down and click “Regions”. Yeah, we Malaysians think about it all the time. :)

Google Desktop is a cool nugget of a software that I’ve been missing. It could replace my de-facto way of local searching (Windows+F) and aggregation of news (Serene Klipfolio). On top of that, it has the fancy photo and Google Earth integration. Yeah, you can keep your Mac, I’m still not interested.

I have an idea, maybe some of you may know that it actually exists. How about a Desktop plug-in that analyzes your computer usage patterns (frequency, duration, types of files accessed, speed and pattern of typing) and helps you organize information and pop you new presentations of your data. I’ve always been impressed with the cool crap flying around computer interfaces in movies like Minority Report and I, Robot. I think I’ve read about it before and it is being developed by an upstart using some natural algorithms.

Here are the links:


Oh, while you’re fiddling with these goodies from Google, don’t forget to buy a lot or two:


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