Google Adsense Rotating Leaderboard Ads

Google Adsense has started putting rotating text ads for the 728×90 leaderboard format. For visitors, they will see two small arrow buttons on the bottom left of the ad space, as shown below. This was captured from my Malaysia Crime Watch Forum site.

[Google Adsense Ad Screenshot 1, 14KB]
Clicking on the right arrow button causes the current ads to slide and fade off to the right, and a new set of ads appear in their place. Note the mouse icon on the next screenshot.

[Google Adsense Ad Screenshot 2, 15KB]
The feature allows visitors to browse five sets of ads, so on the fifth click, only the right arrow button can be clicked, as shown below.

[Google Adsense Ad Screenshot 3, 14KB]
The loading of the next set of ads is quite fast and unobtrusive. When a set has been loaded before, it is cached and loads faster subsequently. It is very convenient to use, but perhaps more can be done to attract visitors to the buttons. Maybe Google Adsense should allow us publishers to specify the onbutton and offbutton colors.

This new feature gives publishers’ sites more ad value as visitors get to see more ads without the site being cluttered up by numerous ad spaces. Perhaps the click value is less for the sets of ads other than the initially displayed one. Another suggestion for the Google Adsense team is to give publishers the option to automatically rotate the ads so that visitors can be easily attracted to the ad space.

I have also initiated my first payout instructions for Google Adsense and Nuffnang Malaysia yesterday. I’ll be sharing the exciting news on my revenue gained from these advertising platforms when I receive the money over the next few weeks.

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