Five Search Engines Old Timers Should Know

In the years before Google was anything but a simple colourful page, there were several legacy search engines still crawling the young and delicate Internet (or ARPANET). For those of you who first got online with a dial-up modem more than ten years ago, you should know these five common search engines back then.

1. Altavista

Old Timer Search Engine Altavista

Has always been so minimalistic in design and returns useful results consistently. One nifty app that I still use for fun and research is the Babelfish (a nod to Douglas Adams fans).

2. WebCrawler

Old Timer Search Engine WebCrawler

My second favourite search engine after Altavista. Its results are presented in a pleasant format.

3. Lycos

Old Timer Search Engine Lycos

Lycos was probably the first search engine with lots of news links and little applications that Google is so well known for now.

4. Excite

Old Timer Search Engine Excite

Excite’s design hasn’t changed much since the beginning: just as messy. The results are quite accurate though.

5. Netscape

Old Timer Search Engine Netscape

The darling of the early Web. Old timers were surfing using Netscape betas, cool! Back then, nobody heard of Internet Explorer, just Mozilla and mostly lynx (ahh beauty).

In another year, Google would be ten years old anyway.


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