Da Vinci Code Movie

“… solve an ancient mystery so shocking it could shake the very foundations of society.” – The Internet Movie Database

The highly-anticipated and well-debated movie of the year has arrived this week in cinemas worldwide – The Da Vinci Code. With Ron Howard directing, the film aims to visualize the words of the famous author, Dan Brown, who has been the center of issues on the relationships of Jesus Christ and how Christians have fought to protect them.

Was Christ a married man? Did he have children? Wasn’t he the anointed Son of God? Does Dan whip himself often?

Brown stated that his story is a fictional one but is based on actual facts. I’ve watched a BBC documentary that impartially sought to verify the facts, but none were. My take on this point is that Brown has successfully won more fame and readership, whether he is telling the truth or not. And it’s so lame to have his main characters being able to solve every ancient and mysterious puzzle and clue to save the human society. Blah.

As a Christian, I’m offended by the kind of ideas that Brown is trying to entertain and sell to our guillible generation of people. It could have been any other religion or culture and the end results would be the same (remember Salman Rushdie). What I would like to emphasize, among all the flurry of criticism and jabbering about the movie, book and Tom’s ridiculous hairline, is the unprecedented amount of interest in the subject of Christianity. This, to me, is a significant Truth. I’ll leave it at that.

I don’t support the story and everything related to it (except the cool puzzles like those in Zork!), so I’m going to encourage you to keep an open mind and react soundly. As for me, I won’t be watching the flick on the big screen. ;)


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