Cleaning The World, One Robot At A Time

If you ever watched Wallace and Gromit or Inspector Gadget, you’ll remember how fun it is to build machines to help you in daily life. Something like Woof the Dog, who not only fetches your newspapers and eats your shoes, but something that can do a chore so that you can relax and rot.

Keeping the house floors clean is a tough chore. You bend down, soak in the humid sweat and dust of it all to whack a stick on the floor to clean it. Now, what if you had one of this?

Meet Roomba, from iRobot. The answer to my laziness and more time for my family and Half Life 2. Only about 2 inches tall, this humble little plastic robot scoots around using two rubber wheels and a whole lot of infrared sensors. Its butt is one sucking machine where the rubbish is stored. Can you vacuum the living room for one hour? Roomba can, and will cover places more than once and where you can’t reach easily without losing a vertebrae or two.

I ordered one American Roomba and have been using it in my 220VAC home for a few weeks. The adapter works with 110VAC, so I had to put a 220/110VAC 80W transformer between it and the wall socket. Both of these components are warm to touch and are quite a messy sight.

If your area has 220VAC, you can either use a AC transformer like me, or replace a capacitor with a higher voltage rating in the circuit board inside. For details, check out RoombaReview.

Now the schedule for Roomba (haven’t got a warm fuzzy name for him) is:

  1. Clean living room daily in the morning after the family goes out
  2. Clean entire second floor every third day in the evening when we return
  3. Clean kitchen twice a week whenever Roomba feels more free

My regular vacuuming has been reduced to keyboards, vertical corners, car upholstery and tabletops. Not too bad for USD200+ :)

Think about it. Wouldn’t life be even more sweet if we had these?

  • Toiletba
  • Showerba
  • Feedba
  • Windowba
  • Nappyba
  • Toyba
  • Moneyba

My vote goes to Toiletba. It will keep me busy as I have my snacks while I’m making the big ones.

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