BorderWare MXtreme: E-mail Firewall Antispam Product

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Sample image spam

Is this a familiar sight in your mailbox these days?

A relatively new breed of e-mail spam is becoming prevalent where the e-mail contains an image with the advertisement text and graphics inside. Traditional text-based anti-spam software is useless against such spam because the e-mail will not contain any searchable text at all. It is estimated that image spam now accounts for 35% of all spam.

BorderWare, a messaging security solutions provider, has a product called BorderWare MXtreme, which is an advanced anti image spam system. Check out the product information here.

In addition to the usual optical character recognition technology that can be used on the image spam, MXtreme has a patent-pending technology called Intercept Image Analysis. This performs image classification and more than thirty image attribute processing, such as word salads, random speckling, image manupilation, animated GIF, various colouration and fonts.

As a result, BorderWare’s anti-spam solution can detect 98% of all spam on the e-mail servers. If you are in the IS department and looking for a better anti-spam product, check out BorderWare MXtreme today.

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