Bollywood Video Fun

| 23 Jun 2006 | Posts | 372 views

A few years back I went to a website promoting the Fanta fizzy drink in India using a simple but cheeky Flash application. It involves picking a short Bollywood clip, coming up with wacky captions for the actors when they speak, and sharing the finished work with friends. The site is gone, but it looked like this.

The joys and nonsense one can come up with using this was endless.

Just like the sweet Madam Wing, there’s a magical funniness to traditionally non-English cultures communicating or behaving like English-cultured people (replace “English” with any ethnic group or language). I love Hokkien songs sung in English and Chinese movies spoken in English. Never fails to give me a giggle, and sometimes making others worry about my mental stability.

But wait-a-minute (Indian accent), I have something for you. There is another website that has something similar! Give it a go and crack yourself up on a hot and wet Friday (at least in KL)!>

I didn’t have much time to work on a good clip, but here is what I came up with in ten minutes:>

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