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Morimoto Mini H1 Projector Lights by Jimmy/trxx7989

by on Jan.23, 2013, under Posts

Over the years and despite my 6/6 vision, I find myself struggling to see comfortably when driving at night. The halogen bulbs that I keep replacing every year seem to be getting dimmer and/or my eyes are not as good as before.

Combined with my quest to optimize light sources in my life (see LED torch lights, LED home replacement bulbs, laser pointers), I finally found a local installer and HID enthusiast who can solve my problem.

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Honda City Morimoto Mini H1 HID Projector

Jimmy or trxx7989 as he is known online supplies and installs quality HID parts and kits in Kuala Lumpur. He has a forum thread where he advertises his service. Since he works full-time elsewhere, he only has Saturdays available to do installations at a car workshop in Shah Alam.

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Honda City Morimoto Mini H1 HID Projector

I posed Jimmy a couple of questions and after obtaining purchase approval from my boss, I arranged to meet up with him to retrofit the 5000K HID projector kit on my Honda City VTEC in January.

The kit includes:

  1. Morimoto Mini H1 2.5″ projectors and 5000K bulbs
  2. Mini Gatling Gun shrouds (doesn’t kill anyone)
  3. Bi-xenon wiring harness
  4. Taiwanese 35W ballasts

Jimmy does most of the retrofitting and dedicates time to do the job well, so be prepared to spend at least 5 hours of downtime. He would brief me on the parts and options before starting. I opted for:

  1. Smaller shroud to minimize effects to the light output
  2. No modification/smoke effect for the original reflectors
  3. 5000K colour output to achieve accurate daylight

He explained the important advantages of his offers:

  1. Morimoto is well-reputed for their quality build and beam cut-off and spread, equal or even better than OEM versions
  2. He has spent time to research and recommend the best parts
  3. His ballast has been tested to run reliably in the local climate
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Honda City Morimoto Mini H1 HID Projector

Spending time with him that afternoon I can see that Jimmy is passionate and knowledgeable about car technology. He would take the time to fine-tune the projectors and wiring, which takes the most part of the installation time. Making sure that the kit does not cause annoying glare to others in front is one of his main priorities.

JPEG Image, 1024 x 768 px, 141KB

Honda City Morimoto Mini H1 HID Projector

Going with a retrofitter like Jimmy is important because this guy knows his stuff about the wiring. He uses proper relays and harness to ensure the proper startup and operation (hi/low beam) of the lights.

The light output is very impressive for an aftermarket kit. The main points I note are:

  1. Fast startup to final colour – under 10 seconds
  2. Clean cut-off and RHD pattern
  3. High lumens output – obviously better than 55W halogens
  4. Wide but even spread – about 40 degrees to the sides
  5. H1 size fits over the existing reflector mount with no modifications – I can switch back to H4 bulbs easily

Now, I feel confident and relaxed that my night drives, especially more to suburban areas and highways, will be covered by these 2.5″ HID babies.

Here are two videos of the startup shot in the day and night using a Nikon P7100 camera, focus and exposure locked.

If you are interested in putting the sun in your headlights, check out the links below.

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Missing Child Alert – William Yau Zhen Zong

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Missing – William Yau Zhen Zong

Missing – William Yau Zhen Zong

Age 6 years old

Last spotted at Jalan Putra Mahkota 7/6C, Putra Heights on 16 January 2012 at 8:30PM

Police and family members are frantically looking for this boy. If you spot him, please contact IPD Subang Jaya 03-56319800 or call Putra Heights police officer in charge Tuan Nordin at 012-3150775.

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VitaDigest Online Shopping Experience Review

by on Jan.06, 2013, under Posts

I am absolutely disappointed and frustrated with my online shopping experience with VitaDigest.

I ordered 3 boxes of supplements in early Dec 2012 and requested for international shipping. The shipment took around 2 to 3 weeks to arrive which is close to year end. Upon checking on the parcel, I found that all 3 boxes have an expiry date of Jan 2013. Each box has a 30 days tablets which means that none of the box can be safely consumed before expiry date.

I tried calling numerous times and writing email and the customer service kept asking me to wait and they would check. After 2 weeks of waiting they informed me that they will only refund 50% of the product cost since the shipment arrived in Dec and the expiry date is in Jan. But the arrival time to expiry date is less than 14 days for a 30 days product and I have even ordered 2 other boxes. And the international shipping costed me USD 34.99.

Till today VitaDigest has not been able to provide any satisfactory resolution on this issue.

I strongly urge all customers to think thrice if not 100 times before dealing with them. They are out to cheat customers of their money especially international customers since it is harder for them to complain on them from afar due to time zones and phone call charges.

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